Golf Swing Video: Learn From Jordan Spieth's Repeatable and Simple Golf Swing

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In this article we look at Jordan Spieth's golf swing, to see what the Occasional Golfer might learn from his example.  Spieth's is a great swing to emulate, not just because of his huge success in the Majors, but because his simple, rhythmic swing is within reach of Occasional Golfers everywhere.

The first thing I'd like you to notice is Jordan's pronounced starter move (0:05).  Jordan initiates his swing with a lateral press from the right knee towards the left knee.  This motion generates flow in the swing, and most importantly, essentially eliminates swaying on the backswing.   Many great players use a starter move of one sort or another, and we can add Jordan to the list.  You should give it a try as well.

Even before the starter move, there is another important aspect to Jordan's swing -- the waggle and forward press.  See all the apparent fidgeting going on between (0:00) and (0:06) below?  It's not really fidgeting at all but an essential part of the swing.  Jordan is establishing a solid stance and connection to the ground, while simultaneously keeping his hands and wrists loose, in preparation for the swing.  The waggle is one of the most important aspects of the golf swing, one of the simplest to do, and perhaps the most overlooked.  Have a look:

Finally let's have a look at Jordan's left elbow.  As we've said many times on Golf Tip Reviews, the notion that you must keep your left arm straight is perhaps the worst tip in the history of golf.  Jordan's left elbow is straight at address, and stays straight throughout the backswing, to promote a good shoulder turn.  But Jordan's elbow is not straight at the top of the backswing, as you can clearly see from the picture at the left.  At the top, he is setting the club and preparing to drive through the ball and release the club by uncoiling his body.  At the top of the backswing, a little bend in the elbow is a good thing for most Occasional Golfers.

Of course Jordan has kept his head still and over the ball, and he has produced a large shoulder turn without opening up his hips.  He is in a great position to deliver a powerful and controlled swing to the golf ball, and he finishes with his belt buckle facing the target.  Have a look (skip ahead to about 0:45). 

Jordan Spieth's repeatable and simple golf swing is a good one for Occasional Golfers everywhere to emulate.  See if you can channel a little Spieth the next time you are on the range and see how it goes!

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