Golf Swing Video: Learn to Lag from Webb Simpson

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In this article we have a look at the sweet, simple, and powerful golf swing of Webb Simpson, 2012 US Open Champion.

The Occasional Golfer has much to learn from Simpson's motion.  He has a rhythmic tempo, great balance, and soft hands, which make him a consistent ball striker.  Perhaps most notable is the huge amount of lag Simpson generates on his downswing, which gives him plenty of graceful power.

Power and consistency, it's what we all look for, right?  So how does Webb do it?  Have a look:

To break down Webb's swing a bit further, have a look at his key positions.  Here is Webb from address to the top:

Webb Simpson golf swing sequence setup to the top
Webb Simpson from setup to the top of his backswing.
Simpson has an athletic setup position, and makes a good move away from the ball.  You can see that his swing is powered by his lower body, which is coiling to initiate the swing.  His arms have the appearance of being very loose and supple.  Notice how the angle between left arm and shaft is getting smaller and smaller through the backswing. 

Here is Webb during the downswing:
webb simpson golf swing lag swing sequence
Webb Simpson develops tremendous lag on his downswing.
Notice the angle between left arm and shaft now -- it has gotten smaller still!  You cannot get into this position without a very light grip on the club throughout your swing.  Simpson must have a very light grip indeed!

Simpson's head has not moved toward the target at all since the top of the swing.  If anything, his head is moving a bit backwards, away from the target, at this point.  Webb has initiated the downswing with his lower body, while keeping his hands quiet, flexible, and loose on the club.  In other words, he got to this remarkable position and developed his tremendous lag by driving his lower body on the downswing, NOT by swinging his arms.

This correct move from the top is perhaps the most difficult thing for most people to master.  It is the opposite of an "over the top" or "casting" motion on the downswing.  Webb has not only mastered it, he's taken it to a whole new level.  It comes down to eliminating tension in your left shoulder and your left wrist.  (Not your left elbow -- the left elbow stays mostly straight). 

As Webb's clubhead attacks the ball on the downswing the angle starts to get bigger.  But note, even when his hands are almost over the ball, and his club is parallel to the ground, the angle is still almost 90 degrees.  Most amateurs have lost their wrist cock much earlier in the swing than this!  

Here is Simpson from impact to finish:
webb simpson swing sequence impact release finish
Webb Simpson releases the club down the line to a balanced finish.
Webb's hands are ahead of the ball at impact, and his head stays well behind the ball as he releases the club down the line.  Note that through impact, Webb's head is actually moving backward and down, like other great ball strikers such as Tom Lehman and Hunter Mahan.  This motion helps promote a full release down the line, a common trait of all great golfers.  And, like all good players, he has a balanced finish with his belt buckle facing the target.

Webb Simpson is a great ball striker, with a simple swing that has a lot of great elements for the Occasional Golfer to emulate.  See if you can't channel a little Webb the next time you are on the range or on your local course!

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