Golf Swing Video: Learn Proper Alignment and Setup from Camilo Villegas

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In this video post, we take a look at Camilo Villegas.  But we are not going to try and pick apart his swing.  And we are not going to discuss his wardrobe, his biceps, or his "Spider Man one-arm pushup" approach to reading greens.  Rather, we are going to study something more mundane but much more important:  his setup and alignment.  Camilo is among the best at this, with textbook technique, and every Occasional Golfer can benefit by his example.

Watch his meticulous setup and preparation to hit his golf shot at the 2009 President's Cup:

Notice how he picks a definite, distant target to aim at, using his club as a visual guide to link his distant target and his close-in aiming point.  Once he finds his close-in spot (at about 0:08), he never takes his eyes off the spot, and aligns his clubface and builds his stance around this spot (0:08 to 0:16).  Only when he is certain of his alignment does he look one last time at his distant target (0:20).  His stance is athletic, as if he about to sit on a bar stool.  Then he finally pulls the trigger (0:25) and executes his shot.

His alignment and setup routine is methodical, repeatable, and meticulous.  This, plus a whole lot of talent and hard work, surely contributes to Camilo's excellent stats.

You can't imitate Camilo's Spider Man method of reading greens without incurring serious chiropractic bills.  But you can surely copy his setup and alignment routine the next time you play at your home course, or at the local driving range.  Give it a try, I guarantee you will bring more consistency to your game!

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