Golf Swing Video: Starter Move Gallery - Stenson, Stricker, Cabrera, Snead

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The Starter Move is very simple -- to initiate your backswing, from a powerful setup position, you point your inside right knee at your inside left knee, ever so slightly and rather quickly.  This rocking motion puts weight on your left foot, which you can then use to initiate your backswing.  This rocking motion is preferable to just moving the club backwards from a dead still position.  And it puts your golf swing into a rhythm that is a swing, not a hit or a slap.

There are many variants of the Starter Move.  Some pros have a pronounced Starter Move, others are more subtle.   

Have a look at the swings and Starter Moves from Henrik Stenson, Steve Stricker, Angel Cabrera, and Sam Snead.  Three men from today's PGA tour, and one from a bygone era.  But they all have a noticeable and effective Starter Move.  Give it a try next time you are at the range!

Henrik Stenson has a slow and deliberate Starter Move that gives him a balanced and powerful swing.

Steve Stricker has a controlled and simple golf swing:

Angel Cabrera has a very pronounced Starter Move.  What a windup!  A very long player.  (Don't imitate this swing!)

The great Sam Snead had a very pronounced Starter Move throughout his career.  This old footage of his swing through the years shows it off well.

Don't forget the Starter Move in your swing!  You will be a more consistent player with a good Starter Move.

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