Golf Swing Drill: Study Jason Dufner's Foot Setup Position to Improve Your Swing

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Symptom:  Incomplete follow through, resulting in weak shots that slice or tail off to the right.  You can't seem to get up on your right toe on the follow through to pose at the target like those guys on TV.  How the heck do they do that anyway??

Overview:  Turn your left foot 45 degrees to the target line, and your right foot 90 degrees (perpendicular) to the target line (for a right-handed player).  Do not make your stance more open to the target line, just change where your toes are pointing (swing them both around to the left, counterclockwise).  Now execute your swing.

Why it works:  By opening your left foot 45 degrees to the target line, you encourage your hips to rotate through the ball on the downswing, allowing you to get your belt buckle to point at the target.  Similarly, by squaring up your right foot to the target line, you will inhibit a long backswing, which might be getting you out of position for your downswing.  This stance encourages a restricted backswing, powerful downswing motion that will get you the feel you seek.

To illustrate what this foot position can do for you, let's have a look at Jason Dufner's golf swing.  One of the keys to Dufner's consistency, restricted backswing, and powerful release is his foot position.  Have a look at Dufner's right foot -- perpendicular to the target line to inhibit a long backswing.  His left foot is turned out to the line to encourage a powerful downswing and release.  Have a look:

There's a lot for the Occasional Golfer to like about Dufner's swing (the waggle, the starter move, the short backswing, the full release, the balanced finish). Here is a swing you can do at home, too. 

Anyway, back to the drill. Once you have the feel of a complete follow through and a belt buckle that points at the target on the follow through, return your stance to normal.  Or maybe make it a bit more Dufner-esque.  You should find your swing is much improved!

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