Golf Swing Drill: The "No-Backswing Golf Swing" Can Help Your Balance and Power

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Symptom:  Inconsistent full shots, losing balance, lack of crisp contact, backswing too long or past parallel.  Your lack of balance draws sneers from your playing companions, who start calling you "Happy Feet" as you watch your ball curve off to the right yet again...

Description:  Tee up the ball.  Take a stance like a baseball player, with your left arm parallel to the ground and the club at 90 degrees to your left arm.  Make a small backswing from this position and then execute the golf shot.

Why it works:  Many golfers have a backswing that is much too long or fast, and it robs them of both power and control.  The no backswing golf swing puts the club in the proper downswing position, so you can execute a solid and crisp downswing.

This is a big advantage for you.  Indeed, when you do this drill for the first time, you might actually be in the correct position to strike the golf ball for the first time in your life!  (There certainly is a lot of ways to get into the wrong position as you attack the ball on the downswing).  Once you feel the proper downswing position, you will find it easier to get back there on your full swing.

Have a look at Luke Donald doing a variant of this drill on the driving range:

See how Luke holds his position at (0:07), then slightly coils just a bit at (0:10) before starting the downwing.  That's the main move in this drill.  Luke doesn't hit the ball, but he could easily do so from this position. 

You will be amazed at how straight and far you can hit the ball with this very modest backswing.  Gradually increase the length of your backswing, but as soon as you lose power or control, go back to the shorter backswing.

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