Golf Swing Tip: Pose at the Finish Like Rory McIlroy

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Symptom: Slice, poor balance, falling over as you finish your swing.  Maybe you are spinning out, or lurching at the ball, or making other awkward moves.  And for sure, nobody says, "Nice golf swing" in an approving and slightly jealous manner after you've hit your ball.

Description: Model a perfect pose at the end of your swing, in balance and with belt buckle facing the target, then execute your swing so that you end up there.

Why it works: By starting your thinking at the finish, you are able to eliminate those parts of the swing that prevent the desired finish.  It sounds far too simple to possibly work, right?  After all, we are hitting the ball, not posing for a sculptor.  But the drill can be remarkably effective, especially if your swing is basically solid, and you're just a little off once in a while. 

Let's have Rory McIlroy illustrate this for us.  His swing seems effortless and fluid and smooth, just like the "effortless", powerful swing you covet. But it's not effortless at all, it's just that the exertion is in the stable lower body, not the arms or shoulders.

Note, in particular, Rory's excellent knee flex and spine angle throughout the swing, and how long he holds his finish on every shot, whether with short or long club, in the face of the robot's constant ribbing.  Rory's swing results in a nearly perfect pose, with (you guessed it), his belt buckle facing the target every time.  Have a look:

Which gets us back to the "Start with the finish" tip.  If you can hold your pose at the end of your swing as long as Rory McIlroy does, chances are you've just executed a pretty good swing.  So try working backward next time you are on the range.  Start with the finish, and swing so that you arrive at posing perfection!

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