Golf Swing Tip: Finish With Your Belt Buckle Facing the Target Like Rory McIlroy

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Symptom: Full shot agony -- a persistent slice, or a wicked hook, coupled with poor balance at the finish, maybe even a little bit of a spin out move thrown in for good measure.  Nobody is saying "nice golf swing" after you hit, even if it does happen to go approximately where you were aiming...

Description: Swing so that on your finish, your belt buckle points at the target.

Why it Works: The power of this tip is it's simplicity.  It is totally non-technical.  You can do this at the range, on the course, during a pre-shot routine, and so on. It's all about your position after the swing, not anything to do with the swing itself.  How can such a tip as this be effective?

In order for your belt buckle to point at the target on your finish, you must rotate your hips powerfully through the ball on the downswing. Powerful hip rotation alone, however, is not enough.  You must also have a proper release and good lag on your downswing.  But one of the easiest things to think about and visualize is where your belt buckle ends up as you complete your swing.  Therein lies the power of the tip.

Have a look at 3-time Major Winner Rory McIlroy's swing, and focus on his finish.  His position at the top is outstanding.  Rory then rotates powerfully through the ball to a balanced finish (0:15), with his belt buckle pointing at the target.  Have a look:

Rory McIlroy golf swing downswing with right elbow tucked to side belt buckle facing target
Rory McIlroy tucks his right elbow to his side to start the downswing.
So how does Rory end up in such a balanced, graceful pose at the finish?  One key can be found at the start of his downswing.  All good players, but Rory in particular, return their right elbow to their side on the downswing.  Rory does this very early in his downswing, which would lead to a very inside path for his clubhead if he did not compensate by also aggressively rotating his hips through the ball.  His arms sort of "come along for the ride" and release the club down the line.  It's this aggressive body rotation through the ball, enabled by his very-tucked right elbow at the start of the downswing, that help him get into that perfect finish position.

The point is that if you are having trouble keeping your balance at the end of the swing, you are probably throwing yourself off balance during the downswing with a casting motion.  Take a tip from Rory and bring that right elbow to your side sooner!

But enough about technique.  I challenge you to have a balanced finish on a full swing without your belt buckle pointing at the target.  It's very hard to do!  So don't even try!  Swing like Rory, so that your belt buckle ends up facing the target.  To end up there, you must have done a lot of things right during your swing!  And so you'll be on the road to better golf!

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