Golf Swing Tip: Learn the Feel of Proper Alignment by Laying a Club on the Ground Along Your Target Line Like Adam Scott

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Symptom: Your swing worked fine on the range.  But when you take it to the course, you have erratic shots, slicing, hooking, pulling, pushing.  All manner of grief and woe.  And you can't figure out how you could hit it so pure on the range and so bad on the course...

Overview: At the range, lay a club you are not using on the ground, and aim it at your intended target. Line your toes up to the club, and keep the club between you and the ball. You are now aligned properly, and can execute your swing.  Remember how proper alignment feels, and recall this feeling on the course.

Why it works: It is actually very difficult for you to tell if you are aligned properly. It is easy to "feel" like you are aligned well, when in fact you are systematically aligned to the left or right of the target.  This misalignment will cause a natural slice/pull  or hook/push. But you will not be aware of your misalignment, because you have become comfortable with your (incorrect) setup on the driving range.  Or worse, you may compensate your swing to hit it straight despite your (mis)alignment, which won't allow you to improve.

All good players, of course, know this.  Almost every pro will use a club on the ground to help their alignment on the range sometimes, and many will do it most of the time.  Almost no Occasional Golfers do this.  Take a look next time you are at the range -- how many people are using an alignment aid?  I'll bet it's less than one in ten.  And the one who is using the stick or club on the ground is the low handicapper!

Let's have Adam Scott demonstrate for us -- see the stick on his target line, and how his stance is perfectly aligned to the stick? 

The goal of the driving range session is to prepare you to play on the course.  On the golf course, you can always aim at a spot right in front of you to help your aim, but you can't use a club on the ground to help you with your alignment.  That's why it's crucial that you do so on the range, like Adam Scott, so that you teach yourself the way proper alignment feels.  Hopefully you can take that feeling out on the course, and eliminate those wayward shots that cost you strokes!

Think this tip will get you aimed in the right direction?  Then be like Adam Scott and every other serious player the next time you are on the range, and share the knowledge with your friends -- Share, Like, Tweet, +1, or Email below!

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