Golf Strategy: Put Away Your Driver and Put it in Play Like Justin Rose

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Symptom: Erratic drives are costing you strokes and causing you to venture far from the short grass.  What's worse, in order to "keep it in play", you find yourself being tentative with your driver, leading to drives that are both short and erratic.  And so the round gets less and less fun by the hole...

Overview: Put away your driver. Hit your three wood or a hybrid off the tee instead.  Ignore any taunts hurled in your direction.

Why it works: The driver is a very difficult club to hit, because it has the longest shaft and least loft of all the clubs in your bag. Many Occasional Golfers will tend to slice their driver, because they have insufficient lag on the downswing, possibly caused by gripping the club too tightly, a poor setup, or any number of swing faults.  Most people can hit their three wood almost as far as their driver, with much more confidence, and hence much straighter.  So if your driver isn't working, why not just use your three wood?

We all know that it's more fun and much easier to play from the fairway.  Personally, I would trade 30 yards of distance to be in the fairway.  Of course I'd rather be long and straight, but if a choice must be made, straight is better.

Even if your driver works pretty well for you, you might consider hitting three wood off the tee on your first hole, like Justin Rose does here, just to make extra sure you start the round off well.  Have a look at Justin below (run the video ahead to 1:00 to get to the swing):

I love Justin Rose's wide arc and aggressive move through the ball.  As great as Justin is, he was probably more confident to tame his first-tee jitters and make his swing with a three wood in his hands, as opposed to his driver.  Maybe you should give this a try too the next time you play!

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