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Golf Tip Reviews serves over 30,000 pageviews/month to people who LOVE GOLF.  These are the people who play golf, buy golf equipment, take golf lessons, go on golf vacations, and so on.  If you are in the golf travel, golf vacation, golf club, golf equipment, golf training, or any other golf-related industry, Golf Tip Reviews readers are YOUR target audience!  Why not connect with them and tell them about your product?

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  • The 336x280 slot under the title and the 300x250 slot within the posts is available, as are Text Link Ads in the sidebar.  If you have other needs, please contact Golf Tip Reviews.
  • Full site statistics and demographics are available.  Check them out to make sure that Golf Tip Reviews readers are your target audience!
  • No sound or video in your ads, please.  Moderate animation with Flash and Java are fine.
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Please email GolfTipEditor [at] live [dot] com to see how your Creatives plus our Content can work together!

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